Friday, September 11, 2009

coco aprés les poupées

See? I'm back again already. Because I had something wicked to show you. This (below) is just the perfect match; a song by the band everyone loves to hate or hates to admit they love, and I have to say I fit into none of these categories - I don't hate them, but I certainly don't like them much either - sung by a singer I absolutely adore, about whom everyone else seems to be similarly split in their opinions; someone loves her, yet others loathe her. In any case: Colbie Caillat, covering "Don't cha" by the Pussycat Dolls, also known as the Pussy Cat's Dull. (I mean, lol, or wut.) And I think it's just absolutely beautiful, which I'd never thought I'd say about anything made by that sort of band. Whoa, Colbie. Her new album's apparently out very soon, and I can't wait. Read my review of the previous album, "Coco", here.

Also looking forward to, this autumn; new album by Sondre Lerche, "Heartbeat Radio", out next week, new album by Annie, maybe, possible titles and release dates all unknown, new album by Whitney H., "I look to You", out now, which apparently I have to buy, in spite of all scepticism, also: Pete Yorn and Scarlett, my Scarlett, with their much-hyped-duet-sessions-thingy-"Break Up", very much wanting that, and of course; all the Beatles remasters, now for sale (please add to Christmas wish list), and last but not least, I am overly giddy and anxious about the new Stieg Larsson film, "Jenta som lekte med ilden" ("The Girl who played with Fire"; the only one of his books whose title has been literally translated to English, why?), but that's a completely different story, and a slightly different obsession (Michael Nyqvist! Michael Nyqvist! Gaaah!!). All in all, however, a wildly interesting and entertaining and eventful autumn, with loads of stuff to be enthusiastic about. Movies, books, music, all the things that make my days go by and every life worth while. Hurray!

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