Monday, December 04, 2006

Breaking up is hard to do

Too much Elton John as well, now, but at least I get inspired...!
So: for all you...lovebirds out there.

"Cutting edge & growing pains"
by Scaranouche the po(t)et

a walk in the park
a talk in the dark
corners around and
wonders abound and

I feel like sending you off now
Just flick a switch and you'd be gone
But so, when silliness interferes
You're back to where you started again

a chain for your mind
a brain for your kind
sound come across and
bound come the loss &

I think I'd better hang up on the phone now
Realizing how second chances are no good at this point
When we've passed the terms of understanding
And we still hit our heads against the wall repeatedly

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