Sunday, October 04, 2009

Gone with the Gaga

Seriously, this is the coolest thing ever. It made my day, and I'll post it here to make everyone else's (better! greater! grander!) as well. I love this lady so much, I have no words. Honestly, none at all (for obvious reasons, referring to similarly indescribable choice of clothing). From the moment she stepped onto some obscure talkshow stage, months and months ago, I've known she'd be something really special and I've waited for her to transform into something really incredibly out of this world, and were I not yet completely convinced, this might just be the final proof to erase all doubt. Like I said, no superlatives could do her adequate justice (she's playing piano with the solar system tied around her waist!), but this truly is great, and wonderfully charming, pop extravaganza. I love this girl to bits, I think I even want to marry her. Which is a seriously weird thing to say for an über-hunk-addicted girlie with a fondness for hairy Spartan warrior kings, but still. Come on - it's LADY GAGA! The single most entertaining new pop artist of this decade, and certainly one of the best. Also, fingers crossed, hope to gods, her next album will be acoustic-only!

And, as if we didn't have enough already, here she is WITH MADONNA!

The quality isn't that amazing, but it was the best (and only) clips I could find and the sound is more than sufficiently good to give an idea of the sheer talent present here. I never thought I'd (ever) say this, but the Lady outshines her own Idol, and how! ...or well, at least, we finally seem to have found a successor for the Material Girl, who actually macthes up to the job. And on top of that, compared to the older and slightly more strained role model musician, Gaga looks prettier, healthier, nicer, humbler, cooler and she's a friggin' fantastic piano player too! And, did I mention, she got her name from a Queen song and she's been quoted as to saying Freddie Mercury and David Bowie (as well as Mrs. Madge) are her all time favourite people? Go Gaga! I am in awe!

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