Friday, August 14, 2009

absolutely in awe

...and absolutely fabulous indeed. this (far below) is scarlett johansson, apparently re-named "scarjo" by certain gossip sources (omg!yahoo), featured in her brand new video with pete yorn, for their similarly newly released duet "relator", moreover: a rekindled attempt of a singing career, somewhat on the side of her usual day-job, which is making great fantastic favourite movies of mine (...), also: currently promoting her upcoming movie, which I keep my fingers crossed will be a massive hit, namely "iron man 2", the sequel to last year's überbrilliant action adventure which I loved beyond any expectation (and possible reason). after all, it had gwineyth palthrow-her-out-of-a-window in it, whom I (obviously) loath with a passion, and the follow-up has too, so I suspect there'll be some catfight aka battle between the sexies aka "but we really got along behind-the-scenes, yeah right!" somewhere not so hidden - which I hope and pray to see scarlett win (and hopefully kick-ass gwienyth out of the window, after all). that aside, the following little piece (again, below) is something completely different and with very little relevance to "iron man" casting news; it's a beautiful song that'll - maybe, probably, or not - prove all those sceptics out there wrong; the ones who claim scarlett can't sing, really, and is just another one of those silly blonde singstresses who try too hard to exploit every aspect of her gain of fame or whatever it is they're accusing her of, and tries in vain, as it were. I beg to differ. first and foremost, the lady can sing, actually, and second: as distinct from all the silly blondes, she manages to choose (cover) music, writers, lyrics, tunes that fit her voice perfectly and make her stand out from the hollywood singers' crowd, with an original and slightly eccentric feel to them, what else: she's got the originality, eccentricity, musicality and poetic vibe to get away with it! so, no judgemental bullying of pretty, clever scarlett if you please; at least nowhere near me. skinny model rockers, megan socks and the gossiping girls, they've got nothing on her. where they've got botox, she's got soul, and where she's got skills, they've got trademarked hair extention brands. whatever, like, totally. I prefer a bit of "lost in translation"-charlotte any day, as well as her alluring voice quality (hoarse throat or not). thus, keep anxiously awaiting this new album of hers - break up - a collaboration with the same pete yorn, inspired by serge gainsbourg and brigitte bardot; which seems to fit perfectly, scarlett being a sixties siren of our time and all, finally: a singer being praised by, and invited to work with, the master himself; david bowie (no less), has to have something special! 'nuff said - now, enjoy!

and by the way: don't let yourselves freak out by the - well - quite freaky pantene-pro-weenie commercials that make it take seemingly forever for the real video to start. those 30 seconds of noisy annoying hairdresser woman are worth it, trust me. like, totally, (oh my god).

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Randi said...

heia Scarlett - og hennes spennende musikk. Når hun synger kommer "Love Song for Bobby Long" snikenden på netthinnen med en gang..