Friday, November 24, 2006

In loving memory...Freddie!

24/11 - it's been 15 years since we were deprived of the ever so amazing, number one rock-vocalist, Mr. Freddie Mercury. Head of the brilliant Queen, a natural centre & star of every crowd and, likewise, taking over & "uplifting" every show. Who can forget Wembley 1986? (I don't remember, cos I wasn't born, but those who were there most certainly do! And I've got the DVD!)

This "Mr. Bad Guy" will always be a personal idol and favourite of mine. Queen-fans all over the planet still mourn the loss... And - hopefully - Freddie will be remembered today by all these, and several more... With joy, of course, and admiration - because of his unargued talent and ever-lasting, fantastic contribution to music history. Only the good die young! ...but fortunately, Freddie's memory lingers, along with what he left behind - and by listening to and promoting his music, we can pay tribute to the artist genius he truly was!

Love you, Fred, rest in peace!
Rock on, wherever you are... :)

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