Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Running on...


"Bonded by love"
by Scaramouche, the po(t)et's about this guy that I'm quite fond of - still!

Breathing fire
into tunnels of ice
The spinning
whirl of a gunbarrel
Onto the ground I throw myself
Searching cover from the tremor

Kissing off pain
with a short-lived smile
Evasiveness remains
my most prominent feauture
The dead of the night is always blendingly cold,
then come the explosions from the morning light

Fragility is my greatest fear
Scared to the bone
Though my hands are never shaking
I'm bonded by love
It keeps me safe and sound as I run
from all the harm

Increasing the speed
And the plotting narrows down
See shadows rising
sensing what I can't turn my back on
You don't ask any questions, you're part of the facts
There's won't be no escape, so you rise to the occasion

Never to linger
and never have to stay
Never watch them leave
just continue moving on
For professionality is all, even when the talents weaken
Trying not to burn myself on the matches of life and love

Confrontations are my greatest fears
Scared to the bone
Though maintaining control with ease,
I'm bonded by love
It keeps me safe, although I'm running
under constant attack

Yes, I'm bonded by love
It keeps me safe, but also keeps me running,
never looking back

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