Friday, December 28, 2007

List of Loving Who

In order to celebrate the fact that I did get a sonic screwdriver for Christmas (did I mention? Properly?) My very own, official Detector of wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff...that goes ding! at - anything, technically, since I am constantly pressing the (wrong) button...buttons...plural: there's two! And this funny switch, to release the sonic mode. Spiral-shaped black plastic tube. I have no idea whatsoever, but it looks cool. Thus, haven't quite figures out how to use it, but at least I managed to insert the batteries. Not sure I will be able to remove them, though. Still, and despite the problematic constructions that made me feel useless in ways I can only remember from my years of putting together Barbie-furniture and building Lego cars, I love my fandom merchandice! Watch the devoted fangirl run around, sonically screw-driving just about anyone in close proximity totally crazy! Weeee! But let me continue the (more?) serious discussion, I decided to compose this piece mainly because I found myself so thoroughly inspired by this post, and because New Year's Eve is approaching, shortly, and we're summing up the most important events of the year; Main Sport Events, Main Entertainment Events, Main World News, Main Blah Blah Blah Blah Unimportancies; but this is important to me, so I thought I'd finally gather and put in writing some of the more specific reasons why I love the revamped "Doctor Who". New Who, that is. Getting over the disappointment that was "VotD", how I am sooo anxious about Series 4, copycat'ing the ingenius "DW encyclopedia" that I seriously want for my birthday; oh, I can see many reasons why I should do this. But most of all, it truly is to honour and praise what remains the best (sci-fi or - well - regardless of genre, really) show in the Universe. Whooray for Who. Points of admiration, in no particular order:

1. The TARDIS. Time And Relative Dimensions In Space. Who wouldn't want a Blue Box-shaped time machine that can go anywhere in the galaxy and travel between the centuries? Looks like I've got one parked in my back yard (mmmhm, yeah) and I keep looking at its picture with twinkly starry eyes. Whoosh whoosh.

2. Christopher Eccleston. The first, the one, the only. My Doctor. Arguably the best actor ever to have played the character and certainly the most handsome one. That topless torture scene in "Dalek" almost ruined the pause- and rewind-buttons on my remote. Hee hee.

3. The general sexiness of the male actors who've appeared on the show. Christopher may be the biggest hunk of them all, but David Tennant also has his moments. Moreover: John Simm, John Barrowman (the love!! Multitalent man and my hero!), Marc Warren, Noel Clarke, Anthony Head (evil genius), Shaun Dingwall, Andrew Hayden Smith, Will Thorp (TOBY!!)...and so on.

4. The scripts. Dialogue writings never were better - even when the niveau sinks to unprecedented levels of nonsense (see "Voyage of the Damned" and "Love and Monsters"), it's of course better than most other series. By far. Watch "The Empty Child", "The Impossible Planet" or "Blink" and you'll know what I mean. Also, with relation to that: Steven Moffat. The Übermensch of writers. He's is utterly amazing and we all wish we knew just what, exactly, exists inside that man's head. Please, make him sir or something, someday soon, yes?

5. The fans. And our little groups. Whovians come in all ages, shapes, sizes; belong to all possible lines of fascination, occupation, profession, predilection. And we're so good at fanfiction, it hurts. Pretty decent when it comes to passionate interest (read: worshipping) too. Always a topic left to discuss. Always a coupling left to ship. The never-ending brilliance. Note that the above-mentioned "Who Love Meme" is currently bordering on 19 pages of random mentionings. That's a rather huge number of posts. And, consequently, number of things we love. It's all you need, love.

6. The fact that there's an actual fight to be on the show, amongst reputable British actors and actresses, of whom almost everyone that I (personally) adore have been given a chance and succeeded. Moreover - that they've all done wonderful jobs and been given wonderful roles. Good work(ing conditions).

7. The fact that a show about an absent-minded, strangely clad dude with two hearts, no ethic principles, no money, no self-preservation instinct; also completely lacking in approprate morale, no wonder I love him; who generates loads of violence, death following in his wake, and who does companion selection based on a strict sex quota, usually taking pretty females only for permanent appointement, can earn so much respect from the general, grown up public. 'Cos he's just too good. Loveliest alien to ever walk the earth, and he always saves the day. No matter the cost, no matter the enemy.

7. Rose Marion Tyler. Best companion, best actress, best coupling opportunities in Whostory. Nine/Rose rocks. Ten/Rose is possibly even better. Beautiful, brillaint, bold woman. Also, Rose's family. And the Powell Estate. Would move in there anytime, preferrably to camp on Jackie's couch.

9. Banana-references. Best source of potassium!

10. Wobbly sets, unlikely tech and quirky humour. Daleks still look a lot like pepper pots, now, don't they? And what's with the new Cybermen marches? Still look like they're about as flexible as kitchen fixtures. Then there's the jokes; the direct and indirect and silly and pun-based ones. The gag reels and the references to other fandoms. Scooby-doo chases and Ghostbusters. Love! ;) Similarly, that other classic series and highly admired folks refer to Doctor Who, like The Simpsons in particular, and that it's become such an institution in British popular culture. Everyone knows their Who; to name one example, jelly babies is seen in immediate connection with this show, the jb-site at wikipedia even has a direct link to WHO's; and this not the case in Britain only - the show's got fans all over the world and they're all equally enthusiastic. People write songs about it, write on-and-off canon fact books and more or less authorized biographies, produce documentaries and broadcast the Specials episodes on big screens around the countries. Longest running TV show on the planet, no wonder, and still going strong!

11. Doctor supplements. Fine features. And, speaking of unlikely tech. Who looks at a screwdriver and thinks "Oooh! This could be a little more sonic!"? Well - tell you what, Jack - in a minute he could put up some shelves. Best futuristic accessory known to mankind and all other kinds of beings. Trust me, I've got one too. In fact, everyone should have a sonic screwdriver available. Also, the TARDIS parts, of course. Amazing what that Blue Box can do. Taking off like a rocket at the end of "Runaway Bride" was possibly one of the finest moments, ever, on the show!

12. The "Doomsday" finale. No further comments, except the observation of fans still moping over the scene and how the whole of Britain was in tears at the moment of broadcasting. Apparently. It even made media headlines; as the most depressing, but at the same time fantastic ending of any made TV episode. Respect! And a grand example of what is (again, arguably) the best thing about Doctor Who: how it moves us. Engages us. Makes us overly enthusiastic. Provides us with catchphrases, silly liners, stupid obsessions we just can't help being...obsessed with. I have enough seriousness and troublesome facts on my mind, elsewhere, I need to watch television that sends me off to dreamy places beyond my imagination that I can allow myself to be absorbed with and that affects me in ways that aren't necessarily sensible, or healthy, but absolutely undeniable nonetheless.

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