Saturday, January 26, 2008

Return of The Clown - and his chicks

...and some Doctor, as always

[The ONLY picture from the entire press conference where you could see some smiling faces. Impressive. Had to post, of course. Left to right: obvious french bad guy (Mathieu Amalric), helpful girl with potential kick ass abilities (Olga Kurylenko), blonde dude with characteristic pose (Daniel Craig) and mysterius agent who's dyed her hair recently (Gemma Arterton). Credit:, thanks a lot!]

Couple of intriguing revelations on a Saturday morning: The official title of the new and very much upcoming Bond-film (I can't wait!!) is "Quantum of Solace". Lovely title! Absolutely love it! Will make a grand title for the new Bond song as well. Exceptionally difficult to interpret and remember, but surely sounds poetic. The film had its first official press conference the other day, and there realeased its first promotional pic's. (And before you could give it a second thought, right away came the many fake promo posters. Have a favourite already, in which Craig strikes a scary resemblance to Steve McQueen.) First look at the Bond girls, for one thing, and Craig the Clown's new suit. Which was sexy as hell. The dress code was all black and they all looked very uncomfortable with the situation. Trying hard not to view that as a bad sign, and rather sympathizing with the poor actors who had to face the immense press coverage and camera flashes and tensed situation as best as they could; trying to give the best first impression possible; and appear calm, cool and absolutely carefree at the same time. I would clench my teeth and seem tensed for much less. Their appearances weren't exactly inspiring, but - seriously - with all the rumours and criticism and fandom harassment, the meanness of many old-school Bond fanatics who think Craig is useless no matter what he does and always expect the worst, ehem, and I should add some self-reproach here, who could blame them? Gemma Arterton and Olga Kurylenko are both very pretty, however - that was plain to see - I just hope they add some smartness to their characters too, like Eva Green did. Man, these two have shoes to fill. Still hoping that Eva would do a small cameo appearance, but doubt that will ever happen. There was no chemistry whatsoever on the photoshoot, or so it seems, but I do credit the press and pressure, and them alone, for that achievement. Or blame them, maybe. The girls were dressed thoroughly casual, which was quite inappropriate in a way, since Daniel Craig himself was styled to look every inch his Bond. Demure and ultrastylish, of course, and it didn't match at all even though the colour scheme idea was fabulous. Or, might be they didn't put so much effort into this after all. The entire group looked very serious, even grave, except for one shot were the girls attempt a tiny smile. I suspect the story of the film isn't too hilarious either, the cast is supposed to deal with emotional challenges and Bond's grief over lost love Vesper. Not too funny, but hopefully they'll add some fancy gadgets, lines and action sequences to lighten up the tone a bit. And, no matter; as long as it's well-made, and essentially BOND, I honestly don't mind some genuin feelings and sorrow. Director Marc Forster looked particularly gloomy at the press conference, though, no idea why. I know he's been working with Heath Ledger before, they did "Monsters Ball" together, maybe that has something to do with it? I think all of Hollywood is somewhat shaken by his death. But, if lacking in smiles and glee, we at least got a proper introduction to the new film and an official initiation of the hype process. Start of a long round of waiting. May they succeed once more. For, I must admit; all in all, the information we've got so far, the plot and details, it all does sound...quite wonderful. Can't believe I'm saying that, but indeed I am. For some reason I am extremely excited and eager and positive with regard to this film. Truth be told. I really really look forward to it, I swear I do - and that suprises me, considering my amount of scepticism towards its predecessor "Casino Royale". Still, the latter gave me chills and made me happy, and seeing that the new one is supposed to be the second feature in a two-parter, simply continuing the theme and tone of the other, I can't have that much to fear - and can't be let down too heavily, either, can I? November, premiere time, the Big Day, I anticipate thee with anxious joy.
Also, a slight note to add; that I am increasingly excited - as the fandoms intertwine! Colin Salmon, regularly seen as hunky sidekick for James (Bond, that is) - playing fellow agent Charles Robinson during the Pierce Y Brosnan era - will star in the new series of Doctor Who!!WEEEEE!!!! And as breaking news for this series is being revealed continuously, my excitement never gets to rest. Confirmed details thus far include a very promising list of co-stars, guest stars and guest writers. Steven Moffat: WHEY-WHOOO! Predictions, with or without the official trailer taken into account: Giant wasps, meeting Rose, snogging Donna, visiting Rome, playing dead, taking on the Masters of Evil (may that involve Davros, the Master, the Rani, whoever, I cheer for all and all together), return of Rose, dark end streets, loads of running, "come with me!", snogging Martha (or not, let's hope), saving worlds, mentioning Gallifrey, sobbing over Gallifrey, sobbing in general, laughing a lot, inappropriate undertones, sublots and/or direct references to things Steven Moffat should know that children do not understand and their parents understand too well, more fancy costumes and - did I mention - Rose comes back? Got that? Billie Piper, leather jacket, big baraboom, save the day? I am increasingly enthusiastic. Agitated. Sceptical. Over-eager. You name it. Takes Bond and a Doctor to evoke all my most overpowering feelings at the same time. Oh, the love!

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Randi said...

Du er atskillig mer positiv til den nye Bond filmen enn det p4 sin Even Rognlien og Marius er - så langt ihvertfall - de har ingen sans for den nye Mr. Bond. Og jeg gleder meg til november....har lyst på den premieren sammen med poeten om det lar seg gjøre.