Friday, January 18, 2008

Sorrow (part two)

Should probably be listening to Pink Floyd's brilliant track by the same title - "Sorrow" - at the moment, writing these themed pieces, but I'm instead keeping Supertramp in the player, stuck on repeat. Love! Have bought both "Even in the quietest moments" AND "Crisis? What crisis?" this week and I just can't find anything else (save for Queen, which is always present, and Roxy now and then) which is worthy of taking over right now. Will never leave the seventies era. Love!

"sorrow/and itself " - more specifically
By Scaramouche, the Po(t)et, concerning the condition as a more abstraxt feeling portrayed in metaphorical words, not pinpointed directly. Experimenting, also, with form and free verse and word constellations. Somewhat...minimalistic and futuristic. Cubism, is the word that strikes me. Shape is of the essence. Or maybe not. It is in no way appropriate, regarding the meaning. Basically, though, I like the words and I place them after each other. With no specific purpose at hand. All in all, it's just plain sad.

black squares
into which
pierced needles
soon carried
into frames
of white
let alone
content such
as embedded
by thin strokes
drawn out
becoming lighter
and they
dance into
new blackness

it is all
as it is
and truly
takes one strong
to keep one
hanging on
- rule out the weak
whilst the
(measures of)
(measures of)
- rule out the meak
and fully
taking notice
as within a song
we simply trail along

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Randi said...

Dette griper hardt men samtidig uendelig godt når jeg nå befinner meg i en sørgmodig modus.....tristhet gjør at vi lever livet mer intenst enn når "alt går på skinner"..........