Thursday, April 17, 2008

Incidental betterment

Sountrack: Supertramp - "If everyone was listening". Guess who's got a brand new Supertramp album in her CD player, just now? That's plain genius, isn't it? I'm addicted! And it's a drug that serves its purpose well! Still, wouldn't have been right (of me) if I didn't end up loving the one song that no-one else even seems to remember, from an otherwise lovable album that everyone remembers...but this one happens to be the best, brilliantest, belissimo thing of them all. (The title track isn't too bad either, I have to say, and "School" has always been a personal darling. And of course, "Hide in your shell" is too beautiful even to speak of.) I rest my case, I turn my cheek, and press repeat.

So, what further incidents are there to report from the latter times of rapidly approaching season-changes? Well, somethings and the more have indeed occured in the world of entertainment - at least - and fortunately so, in the manner of successfully derailing my mind from its depressing tracks of equally depressing contemplations. Not that I'm actually depressed, to ensure no arise of concern in this department, I simply find myself a little confused and uncertain and completely frustrated with the state of some particular matters, and such is sufficiently often the case for me not to shed any tears out of worry. As for the distracting news, however, it's worth mentioning that SFX magazine, this very month, made a list of the public's favourite "Doctor Who"-companions, and no other than Rose Marion Tyler throned in second place, with a big shiny grin and applause from myself and the fangirl-likes, whereas the classic, old and new-school companion Sarah Jane triumphed - winning first prize and solo-page, to no surprise - and Captain Jack Harkness too received an honourable mentioning in place number seven. Preceeded by Martha, Ace, Romana II and Jamie, only, and followed by such greatness as Romana I and Leela. I do, in fact, agree wholeheartedly with this selection, albeit I would have pushed Jack further up, and included Nr. Eight's loveable partner and aide-in-need Grace Holloway as well - yet I've realised by now that the overwhelming majority of fans loathe the TV-movie production, in which they featured, enough to make such a distinction quite impossible. Still, despite my love for Eight, Grace and the TV-movie, it is a very good list and a very good description of Rose - "who embraces the universe with open arms, and also possibly fancies The Doctor. Maybe. Perhaps." Slightly sarcastic, there, but outdone by their own correctness. Unaware of it, I guess, but they just confirmed a fandom fact. Furthermore; quite a fine thought to include some negative opinions, in addition to all the praise, so that the main reader gets a little true perspective, not the subjective complementing solely. Also, thereby respecting the extremely varied and varying opinions of most DW commentators, who can never agree to a common set of preferances anyway. For then again, "Doctor Who" fandom is all about being personal, private and perfectioning the imperfectable, and were it up to me and my personal, if more oficially declared judgment, Rose Tyler would be woman on top, in her old Billie Piper-made-it-happen shoes, back to back with Jack and David Tennant, in a whole series of shippyness and fluff and fun and impossibly hilarious, scary, fantastic and enjoyable adventures; threesome reuinted; also including time travelling babies produced by Ten and Rose as a natural and inevitable result from said fluff. Which, perhaps, is why the producers are never going to even intend listening to fangirls like me. Sad, but true. We have these bright ideas, see, and they're not as logic and coherent and realizable in real life as we (mostly) would like to believe. Moreover, and on a very much related sidenote: this year's already-long-awaited Christmas Special, set to take place after the already-longer-awaited Series Four Finale (dreaded! horror! angst! sobbing!), in which Billie Piper might or might not snog David Tennant, sigh, guh, blah, there have been made some revelations, and we have been given some hints as to who will appear and who will perhaps go away. David Tennant is officially present at the curring filming sessions in Cardiff, as is a trailer branded "The Other Doctor", whatever that may indicate. And filming itself is underway in a desolate, Welsh graveyard (!), decorated with Victorian ornaments, featuring extras clad in Victorian costumes, who are all bound to encounter the villainous - hold your breath - CYBERMEN! The überevil masters of silvercoloured evilness are back, whoooray! My anticipation grows steadfastly, and I was also quite pleased at the guarantee of David's making an appearance, if not maintaining the lead. Meaning, he at least doesn't die or regenerate or disappear from the face of the earth or...anything, any time too soon. Well, not that we know of. And what we don't know, we don't have to have disproved, or explained to be false rumours; it is simply background to new speculations and new suffering - and new rumours, thanks to the ingenius cynicism that rule within the BBC and their PR department. Us poor fans!

And whilst speaking of fans, yet here in a more enrichened context; the greatest rock'n'rollers on the planet, also known as bandmembers of Queen, have now confirmed that they are, in fact, planning a sequel to their fabulous first musical "We will rock you", which I had the immsense pleasure of watching at the Dominion in London some odd years ago. Brian May was quoted in the papers this week, pretty picture et cetera, providing firm promises that not only will it happen, for sure, it will also be brilliant. And since I behold a firm habit of believing anything and everything that man has to say, I am now convinced that the new musical will, no doubt, turn out to be just as brilliant as promised - and, if nothing else, it's a brand new show by my favourite group, in further addition to their brand new lineup, brand new album, brand new tour and a brand new revitalization of their conquering the world all over again, cos we're the best ever-attitude which I adore oh-so-much, and it's - beyond hope, belief, everything! I absolutely love it! Queen are back, can you believe it, and they're doing it all, they're taking it to the limits and apparently, they're not going to stop there either. Dare I hope for some new collaborations? David Bowie, Elton John, Celine Dion, Katie Melua (much preferredly), anyone? Anyways, it will be grand, amazing, fulfilling, wonderous, and I must say I am so thoroughly impressed by the guts and endurance of these guys. They're sixty years old, and act like their sixteen. Too good to be true, but thank goodness it is. And Brian still writes the best riffs in rock history! Last but not least, though, a small note on different subjects; or should we say a small recapitulating summary due to immense lack of such, lately; regarding, for instance, the death of Charlton Heston, who will be sorely missed, and may he rest in peace. May the world forget about his efforts for the NRA, and may we remember him for things like "Ben Hur"...although, admittedly, it's kinda hard. Next, and much more blissful, Gerard Butler's latest film, entitled "Nim's Island" and out this September in Norway, has become a blockbuster hit in the U.S. and is currently amongst Imdb's top ten: most seen of the week - wheyhoo! - whereas Gerry himself has attended numerous premieres with Jodie Foster, grinning like a madman, and who could blame him? The film scored well with critics too, and apparently GB looks like a million dollars all the way through, so there's no reason why one shouldn't go catch it. Come to think of it, by the by-way, "Doctor Who" is similarly popular these days; remaining the most seen programme in England, with more and more millions tuning in every single Saturday; just because it's so fantastic - whooweee! - and, what else, there's more pregnant women, more stupid women, with or without boob jobs, more annoying people in general, but unfortunately; can't blame the men for silicon nonsense and baby squealing, and - as a clear contrast to these latter, tormenting, unworthy-of-mentioning issues - I've recently enjoyed a "Before Sunrise"/"Before Sunset"-marathon; first one on monday, second one yesterday; which I consider some extremely well spent time on two extremely well-made films. They're both gorgeous, albeit somewhat different, but still have in common that they are absolutely heart-warming, beautiful, so moving, so wise, and manage to become the least pretentious overly pretentious stories you'll ever have the great fortune of viewing on a screen. And, did I mention the acting? It's stellar. Julie Delpy litterally shines; she and Ethan Hawke deliver some of the finest lines you'll ever hear, and make their characters unfathomably adorable, to the extent that you wish to leap onto the screen and hug them so tight they'll perish from oxygen-shortage. Indeed, these are true classics. Perhaps I enjoyed them as much as I did because I could identify (so much!) with the personalities of this fated couple, and the discussions they induldge in, and the whole situation that they're in; with regard to career, lives, goals, wishes, plans, plan-lessness; or because the stories are set in two of the most beautiful cities in Europe - Vienna and Paris, respectively. And most of all, perhaps, because (in Vienna) they keep strolling down the streets and visiting the buildings and cafés I remember from my rewatchings of "Kommissar Rex", my all-time-favourite TV-series, which I loved so much I actually started crying. Again. ("Rex" is, obviously, very very close to my heart; even surpasses DW, and you can take my word for that, due to one lead actor named Burkhard, Gedeon Burkhard. Ooolala, 'nuff said - for now.) But still, no film-lover could oppose the sheer brilliance of these masterpieces; one can barely understands just how the director is able to make a dialogue-driven, two-actor-feature, that is made up mostly of long one-takes and excessively uncut shots inside smokey bars, so incredibly tension-filled and exciting and fun and - yup! - downright exciting. A must-see for just about anyone; even those who think dialogue in general is dull. These films have got "Pulp Fiction"-wise, snappy, humorous, moving and intelligent tales of human conditions and interaction, and offer wise experiences of love, devotion, betrayal, cultures and clashes, and you've got to see it to believe it, so see it! Clear enough? And, finally, may I stress the utmost enviable of being a laidback, carefree tourist in a European metropolis, on street-side café, with a cup of coffee and a soul mate-turned-lover to chat with? How dreamy-dream ultimate scenario is that? In truth: this, ladies and gentleman, is how I depart from my occasionally dull and dreadful life - to find comfort in the havens of imaginary heroes and their wondrous, fictious, illustruous lives. And just as often, they transfer some of this wondrous, fictious illustruousness to my own state of being, and brighten up my days so much, they almost immediately turn bearable. Or, more so. Eventually, they'll all be equally brightened, but until that - and probably afterwards, as well - I'll turn to fiction for a break. We all need that, from time to time.

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