Saturday, September 08, 2007

Memories of a year gone by

ANNIVERSARY- quite a few, actually. In chronological order:
This is my 275th blogpost. Today is 080907, which is a funny date. (I tend to notice things like that.) But most of all, and this is actually very important to a girl like me:

I've now been a Blog writer for - hold your breath and count to ten - ONE YEAR.

Precisely on this very day, one year ago, I assigned to and established what has now become Scaramouche's little world of poetry and every day-philosophy. Kinda-blog, but not entirely, is how I like to describe it. I don't know what to say, or how to define the emotions raised by such an event, especially considering how much (nonsense and ramblings, if entertaining...!) I wrote in honour of my 200th post jubilée. So, this evening, I'll limit my exclamation to a strict minimum of one sentence: it's been fantastic. Lots of fun, of course, lots of thoughts and frustration and fan-musings streaming through the html-channels; along with more or less interesting studies of my passions and interests. My frequently discussed topics will probably continue to be of interest to me and, hence, feature just as often as usually at this specific place - no big surprises there; I'm still loving Doctor Who, Queen, Kommissar Rex, Johan Harstad, Phantom, Gerry, Bryan Ferry and the lots of them, plus all the others. We're in for no big changes, nor am I'm labouring any immediate plans of editing the layout (love my Fantoft TARDIS!!), which is also why I keep the advertisements for this rather huge moment to a somewhat confined, de-emphasized, anonymous, "old-style" post of simply declaring how I do remember, but I'm not gonna go away anytime soon; so it's nothing big, really. And I wouldn't know how to celebrate it, anyways. I'm not in a big party mood. Have induldged in my favourite sin(fullnes)s, which among others are red wine, milk chocolate and nicey music. As you should know by now. That's what Scara needs, mostly and most of the time, that's Scara's extremely healthy, current source of (mental) nourishment.

I will however, bring to your common attention a few impacts Scaramouche's Stories has managed to make - on myself and the outside sphere of readers: that I'm more into poetry than ever, that I've become better at photoshop and encoding, that my mum thinks the Doctor has landed in the backyard of my hostel estate and keeps asking where he's hiding when she's visiting me; that my mum, as well as my dad and others with them, might soon be suggesting I need more hobbies which aren't related to computers/writing, that my friends think I'm suffering from sexual frustration, that it's lead some commentators to question whether my vocabulary consists mainly of small phrases like "oh well", "ah, yeah" and "but still", though hopefully that the same couple of guys have started reading my poetry and are enjoying it, that I've quit suppressing my anger against certain idiots out there (literature critics, anti-aliens, religious fanatics etc) and rather taken to bashing them through poetic (?) and explanatory (???) written material; furthermore, that my utterings in general have become more consise and focused (however in some strange directions and not always so well-expressed) - as cited by Scara herself, in one of her hours of clearer thinking; "Inspirational ideas are crazy things...", on Tuesday, January 16, 2007 - and that I've learnt to credit my sources (of inspiration) properly. Courier-style, small font, in alt gr-brackets for those who're curious. Have copyrighted myself as well, mind you. Ye pretentiouse fooul - nah! As for the remaining details, I guess I'll keep dreaming - yeah? Entitled to dream, as always. And post more. Does me good!

Just for the reminiscences, though, here's the first-ever post on what from the very start was "Scaramouche's Stories" - based on my incorporated nickname, taken from the WWRY musical by Q & B.E. - and back then had an extremely dull 'look'. For the record, my contributions counted a total of three posts that day (they were on myself, the language and Walt Whitman) of which the first - and later regarded as "unofficial" - scribbling went as follows:

Friday, September 08, 2006:

"Hello, darlings!"

...for å sitere en viss Mr. Mercury...

Nå er jeg jaggu i gang med å blogge her, men jeg tror kanskje jeg må lære meg litt mer før dette kan bli særlig avansert... la oss nå se hvordan det går!


Jeg mååå jo bare begynne med et Brian May-sitat!
Fra messenger'en min: "At Freddie's 60th we will all celebrate the path he trod, and be proud that we still tread it."
Fra 5. September; en forsinket bursdagshilsen! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MR. MERCURY...miss ya!

Not many changes, no. Yet, a little more advanced now. And older. Wiser, too, hopefully. I'll finish off, tonight, by quoting a man formally known as Arnie: "I'll be back." Let the waiting be worth the while. Ciao and sleep tight!

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Randi said...

Og jeg er glad du blogger fortsatt.Og så gleder jeg meg til å se telefonboksen der bak Fantoft.....